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Where Spire Stands Out: We Create Time & Opportunity

Why businesses need more time: When talent and company enter into a hiring journey they begin a path to knowing one another. During a restricted period of inorganic interactions both must attempt to rationalise the potential of a long term partnership. However, the measure of leadership talent cannot be captured adequately in a hiring process alone. The best means of identifying a successful external leader for an organisation is to know the history of the individual.

Time & Opportunity Creator: Spire Executive takes a hiring process beyond inorganic recruitment interactions. By partnering with us, our clients can look into the history and pathway of talent, amplifying their decision making and ultimately their Supply Chain organisation’s performance.

How do we create time & opportunity for sourcing organisations?

  • Our network depth across apparel, footwear, retail and general merchandise supply chains is unmatched. We know individuals far beyond their resume or their linkedIn profile. 
  • We understand the supply chain and corporate contexts in which leaders have performed, questioning whether or not success is replicable within our customer’s environment. 
  • As supply chains continue to endure the strains of the global economy talent needs have shifted, Spire Executive consults firms on their profile of leader helping to shape perceptions successfully.

Searches That Stand Out

Chief Executive Officer – Global Sustainability Fabric Tech Firm

Before Spire: The client organisation had been looking for their Chief Exec. for the past 6 months. 

After Spire: One leader from within our network was recommended

Chief Executive Officer, US Apparel Trading Firm

Before Spire: The client organisation endured several years of search through global search firms.

After Spire: Spire Executive recommended 2 leaders, working with the client HR champion the project closed within 6 months.

  • General Manager, Asia Production – Australian Toy Leader
  • Director of Operations – Australia Toy Leader
  • Financial Controller – Australian Toy Leader
  • Senior HR Partner – Australian Toy Leader
  • Managing Director, Sourcing – US Multi-brand Retailer
  • Global Costing Director – European Fast Fashion Retailer
  • Global Head of Merchandising – Premiums and Licensing Firm
  • Director of Manufacturing Operations – US Footwear Brand
  • Global Head of Packaging – French Retailer
  • Global Head of Materials – French Apparel Retiler
  • Director of Materials and Sustainability – Multi Brand Org.
  • Design & Product Development Director – Global Trading
  • Head of Menswear Sourcing – Spanish Retailer
  • Head of Womenswear Sourcing – Spanish Retailer
  • Global Sourcing DIrector – Dutch Loyalty Firm
  • Vice President of APAC – Logistics and E Commerce Firm
  • Director & Head of US Division – Global Trading Firm
  • General Manager of Technical & Quality – Global Trading Firm

Our Walk Behind Our Talk

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