2021 is also a leap year

2021 is also a leap year

Comfort is a luxury, stability is sexy. Treading water makes sense now more than ever depending on your rationale. 

“Why risk what you’ve got?”

“It doesn’t make sense to change”

“Just wait til’ next year.”

Scarcity thinking dominates the dominion of careers, especially when every house on the block is on fire except your own. Now’s the time to fortify, build fire-retardant walls around what you’ve got.
The irony in this is the opportunity cost of focusing on fortification and potentially missing the leap.

2020 was a dress rehearsal, 2021’s the real show and the audience is full of critics, as always.

Industries and companies are primed to take meaningful steps forward towards the building of their future selves. 

The consequences of failure through radical change are higher than they’ve ever been, but the momentum’s right there with you. And now, choice of change rarely exists, everyone needs to be on board otherwise the plank walk finds its own way to you. There should be no time for a mutiny.

So even if it seems irrational and the critics around you question both your judgement and your intelligence remember that this year’s leap creates the future, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to leave their legacy if given the chance?

The rationale behind taking the leap is creating future demand for yourself, when you’re in front of that CEO or Board pitching yourself for that gig expect to be asked: “How you navigated the typhoon of the early 20s”. 

Resilience is, unfortunately earned only through crises, challenges faced and obstacles overcome. 

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with treading water unless you sniff decay in the walls around.

But, you’re better off in search of new land rather than under the shade of the desert island’s palm trees with dwindling supplies.

Just make sure that before you leap, you have a big run-up before you take the jump.

Stay healthy, stay hopeful and keep it radical.


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