Apple’s consumerfied 3D

2 Weeks back Apple released their first neurologically installed iPhone with features including Direct to Brain Dial-In and Siri autopilot… Siri even wrote this newsletter.

No she/he didn’t. Fortunately, we haven’t innovated that far forward (or Apple already has the capability, but they’re saving it for iPhone 13).

So we’re not getting microchipped, but make no mistake the new range of devices is scaling augmented reality and 3D tech, there’s more drive than ever to be 3D capable across the entire value chain. So today we’re hitting first at the latest point of market inflection

So Siri, cue the music and write the rest of this blog post…

Consumer  Hyper Scaling 3D

When Apple unveiled its new Line of phones last week they showcased the augmented reality capabilities of the devices with newly embedded LIDAR technology. Better defined as  Light Detection and Ranging Scanning to support Augmented Reality Applications.

Two clear applications of the technology for the fashion & retail industries include;

– Body scanning for virtual fitting in a B2C setting
– Home decoration/furnishing visualisation OR Decorative Testing

Even in today’s “Down in the Dirt” economy, Apple is on target to sell more iPhones than last year’s releases. First day iPhone orders surpassed last year’s orders. iPhone 12 sales hit 2 Million devices within 24 hours compared to 800,000 one year prior.

The app store is big business (YOY revenue growth displayed in a chart from Statista below) and with the latest LIDAR leap we’re bound to see developers bring to market user apps that target & disrupt the fashion & non-fashion retail industries. 

Omni-channel = Ecommerce, In-Store and IN Home
Consumers will scale 3D beyond and ahead of organizational capabilities and we’re arriving at the new Omni Channel. Taking the shop into your own four walls becomes possible.
Top of the iceberg impacts;
– Further optimised store counts
– Rapid scaling of demand to manufacture on the consumer side of the business
– New / first time collected data points on a massive scale —- KYCB (Know your customer’s body. Get this the top 5 consumer packaged goods businesses all own proprietary data.)
– User-generated design/ customisation at scale ( think Quirky… a business far ahead of its time )Who’s already making waves? Zalando… The fashion marketplace announced an acquisition of a mobile body scanning technology Fision.

The Disruptive mess

– 3D tech is already scattered and lacking standardisation
– The new iPhone further adds to this complexity with new consumers largely driving the adoption and success of 3D technology
– Working backward to the supply chain, 3D design tools like Browzwear and CLO need to move more toward a consumer product status or integrate with new app releases that receive the most app store traction
– Sourcing offices and manufacturers moonwalk through a new stream of demand with uncharacteristic features
– Talent pools across the supply chain play catch upQuick reactions from the fashion ecosystem

– Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers need to follow the app store like a moth to a flame and increase digital verticality
– Browzwear and CLO launch B2C products and create a circular loop with their B2B customers
– Manufacturers and Sourcing offices can acquire talent from many of the businesses that “successfully pioneer” this new explosion in commerce
– Ecosystem building across the value chain to create and share standardsThis form of collaboration isn’t new to the retail industry, we’re seeing sustainability at the heart of commitments. There’s already a 3D ecosystem in the works… Named Khronos, it includes retailers like Target, IKEA and Wayfair (see the exploratory group of 70 organisations below).

Taking a second slice of pie – Supply Chain’s opportunity
Here in the Sourcing and Supply Chain side of the world, we have a clear functionality with the focus on driving “product supply”. We’re not defined as “market-oriented” like retail offices and global headquarters, but the paradox here is the continuing rise of Asia’s design prominence either in the sourcing office setting or manufacturing setting. Design services in global sourcing have the opportunity to step up and play a leading role in the brand’s drive to scale 3D in line with market growth and proximity to supply means that we’re able to drive consumer success on new AR platforms.Consumer expectations from Brands are at an all-time high and any platforms that look to use AR to amplify consumer experience need to be confident that they’re able to fulfill demand. The critical link is with supply chain partners/vendors and within Global Sourcing organisations we have that link. To succeed with new platforms supply chains need to play a leading role and head offices need to recognise their value to the end consumer and revenue generation.

Were we talking about Apple?
If you do ever get to see my iPhone you’ll see a broken fiberglass back and a cracked screen to match. I don’t subscribe to yearly purchases from Apple and although I’m not yet tempted to upgrade I can see the purchasing decision of the device from one of pure desire to one blended with necessity. I’ll be resisting upgrades until my current phone wears out (or hits the turf again), but that makes me a minority. 3D’s emergence into IOS means massive scale and organisations will need to move faster than ever before.

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