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Labour Shuffles

2020 & Beyond. An era of great flexibility has dawned Years of displacement, months of volatility, weeks of Change The Challenging of the "It would Never" & "I would Never" The Great Forcing of Labour Displacement & Shuffle Before migration between organisations was organised, progression was clear, Labels were widely accepted. But now we've seen [...]

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Line Commissions – Holding the consumer accountable

Line Commissions Business schools preach the sin that it is to incur more costs to your end consumer, executives dig deep into holding market share whilst cutting back on the back end. Global sourcing leaders have gone as far East as they can and the runway's clearly running out of space. Rightsizing then follows, the advent of [...]

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Crises Leaning – Incentivising the hurt.

Crises leaning Global sourcing organisations have faced more tests than a soon-to-be Nasa Astronaut, any graduation ceremony is a mere oasis mirage in the desert.  The upside to this resilience programming is the level of talent that emerges from this volatility where 20 years of stress has been compounded into a 24-month window will be nothing short [...]

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Not leading in the stat sheet

Not leading the stat sheet Stats don't lie, but they don't tell whole truths either. Kendrick Perkins didn't forge a 15 year NBA career because of how he showed up leading the box score. And now we're looking at everyone's box scores, seeing who contributes and who warrants staying around. Because data is irrefutable and [...]

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Maintaining sourcing bridges in divisive times

Bridge maintenance Suspension bridges hang over rivers, channels and canals. They're passageways that seem eternal, outliving many of us. But, bridges aren't eternal. They're health checked regularly and what we don't often see is the technician climbing the pylons assessing the cable's strength. Global Sourcing Organisations are a series of interconnected bridges. Both capability and [...]

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Culture Stains us or Sustains us

Culture Stains us or Sustains us Culture carries and if we're lucky we come out of the gates like Bo Jackson between the gridiron and the diamond. In many cases culture makes the Michael Jordan two-sport transition in us, we're otherworldly in between the hoops but challenged moving the field between bases. Most of us [...]

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Moving towards purpose oriented commerce

By the numbers... If you're not watching your numbers you risk a swift and sudden demise. But for many of us we're like horses running the track wearing blinders, galloping towards the checkered flag trusting our Jockey to steer us away from collision.  But in most cases you are both the horse and the jockey. [...]

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Change-making is artistry

Change-making is artistry Change-making is artistry. Often times artistry is only realised post-humously. Van Gogh, Dickinson and Monet, all of them were realised after the fact. In the churn and burn of commerce we often don't get to see through the change that we intend to make or it's only on our next journey that [...]

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Unlocking new assets from sustained discomfort

Unlocking new assets from sustained discomfort Discomfort, not the type when Hong Kong's weather takes a sudden turn leaving the shirt sticking to the skin. Nor the type of uncomfort when you've taken a different direction with your hairdo. There's a vastly different strain of discomfort when it's a sustained feeling lasting more than a [...]

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