Better Destinations = Better Journeys

The Trans-Siberian express runs for 5,000 miles, taking 6 days to complete a journey

The journey to Mt. Everest’s 8,849 metre summit takes on average 2 months of trekking.

The 8000 nautical mile journey to sail the pacific takes between 5 and 10 weeks, through treacherous and lonely waters.

The journey to the Canton fair battling through hordes of buyers and industry reps saps your energy and blisters your feet.

That Monday morning taken off of work to interview for that next job that could change everything… that will change everything is a journey of nerves and anticipation.

What is a destination without a journey? It’s static, It’s less opportunity cost, It’s less sacrifice.

Because now you can test the waters without taking the time, without sacrificing the minutes, hours, days, weeks, the blood, sweat and stress.

The physical journey has all but disappeared for the time being, threatening what it takes to get there.

Like a butterfly hatching from a cocoon, people evolve with a journey. Thoughts refine, minds change and people get better… or worse.

But the Journey isn’t gone, it’s just been lost. Now on the cusp of 2021 we’re tasked with recreating the sense of journey until at least it becomes physical again. 

Opting into a webinar, an MBA, a Townhall, a Supplier Virtual Visit or an Interview has never been easier. With the barriers lowered and the level of commitment lightened it’s up to us to find other ways to force displays of commitment. 

Because we still want to be spending our time with those who reciprocate, those who are earnest. It’s in our hands to control the environment, to set the tone of seriousness, and to bring a sense of responsibility to the discussion. Your time is expensive and to speak with you about your job opening or your career or your product supply chain is indeed a privilege that needs to be appreciated.

In 2021, let’s fill that physical void and place the value on reciprocity, commitment as well as those who go extra and extend themselves. 

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