Cost’s the word

Like the argument about who’s turn is it to foot the bill on a first date, the mention of cost at the start of any conversation is the ultimate killer of possibility. 

The squeeze has never been so important for global sourcing, making the margins work has tested the best financial controllers and budget balancers. In this 24 month year we’ve had to make one thing work to get to here… “Costs”.

Rightsizing has been a silver lining for global supply chains, but skeleton crews are rarely apt for getting the sailboat off at speed and into jetstreams. They’re better for bilging and patchwork. 

Cost can be the killer of creativity if we allow it and as we prepare for a hopeful rebound in the consumption of apparel & footwear and general retail we’ll need supply chains with a bit of jazz and dare I say it, sex appeal. The engine room of the industry has shown it can (will) play a lead role and coming through covid the empathy as well as respect for global sourcing will be and should be at all-time highs.

It’s easy to set the target and turn the dial, we’re quite used to the shifting of the goalposts. But in doing so the question to be aware of is “what possibilities and opportunities are we limiting ourselves from when we focus on cost alone?

Cost is implied in everything we do, it’s developed a culture. The challenge for leaders is to create a more creative how. To add another set of goalposts. To Dual Goal it.

Remember there’s a reason why we’re not all accountants.

Keep it radical…

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