Flabby Recruitment Muscles

Our Recruitment Muscles are getting “droopy”

The words “Hiring Freeze” do more damage than you’d expect. The “talent /job market” always spirals with gossip, word travels lightning quick. Shutdowns on hiring have been part of life in 2020, but the status of “closed doors” does serious damage to your indirect recruiters/employer advocates. Businesses worked tirelessly to get their teams advocating for their employer brand and now this all-important recruiting bicep is struggling with its curls. 

Hiring freezes are convenient with the wrong mentality, “They turn off pestering parties.”

The right mentality is not to think of talent reaching out to you as “the mosquito buzzing in the dark of the bedroom”, but as the new spring-time bloom. The Talent Hypespace opportunity is to change the conversation. You don’t have to go out and say you’re actively hiring again, that’s equivalent to advertising jobs online for the purposes of inauthentic pipelining (an action that I believe needs to be abolished, written about here… fixing leaky pipes).

Instead: Promote the conversation that you’re always looking to speak/ connect with good people, businesses aren’t spreading this message at scale and by doing so not only will you keep that recruitment muscle trained authentically, you’ll be quicker to strike when you’re looking to bring in talent. 

We constantly need to be building trust with our universes and the best hiring outcomes occur when mutual assurance exists between all parties. When mental doors are shut on hiring any chance of building deep connections stalls, if you want to get ahead of the playing field when this all turns around switch from training the show muscle and start working on the muscles that count.

Show Muscles

When I was going through high school in New Zealand we had a term for the “show muscle” people. BFN (Pronounced Biffin), Big For Nothing. Real strength is in the core muscles.  The recruitment bicep lacks functionality if the recruitment core isn’t strong. The best talent acquisition cores for a shrinking world are authentic ones.

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