Labour Shuffles

2020 & Beyond. An era of great flexibility has dawned
Years of displacement, months of volatility, weeks of Change
The Challenging of the “It would Never” & “I would Never”
The Great Forcing of Labour Displacement & Shuffle

Before migration between organisations was organised, progression was clear, Labels were widely accepted. But now we’ve seen the natural laws of the labour markets challenged. More than ever moves are “backwards”, Lateral, Pivots and Revolutions.

How it used to be: Moving from Manufacturing to Trading, from Trading to Brand Sourcing from one brand to the other. From 15 days annual leave to ≥ 15 days annual leave. From 60,000 per month to 65,000 per month in salary.

Moves and their associated benefits were clear cut, the production line was organised and line workers knew what was coming in and what was going out.

But now, hiring lines don’t exist. The migration map of talent no longer makes sense like it used to. Our company populations are looking “experientially” different. Because now that person will go “back” to a Manufacturer from that Brand Direct Sourcing Office or “back” into the Trading company, because “backwards” no longer means the same thing. When the environment shifts our perceptions are forced to shift into real taste testing rather than what were linear decisions.

And whilst we’re being forced to adapt both at a company level and an employer level, its businesses that stand to benefit most. Now the “Nokia” can recruit from the “Google”, because perceptions are open for disruption. People are more willing to try new flavours or in some industries forced to taste a historically “non-linear” career move.

And when the labour market begins to realise that skills are replaceable and attitudes do quantify we’ll potentially see migration like we’ve never seen before. The Li&Fung recruiting from Google, The JP Morgan hiring from a manufacturer. You get my drift…

Displacement hurts, but now the little company or the business without the “silicon valley tech company perks” can access the best. Because the dialogue’s shifted, just starting the conversation is all it takes.

Anything’s possible.

Keep it radical

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