Moving towards purpose oriented commerce

By the numbers…

If you’re not watching your numbers you risk a swift and sudden demise. But for many of us we’re like horses running the track wearing blinders, galloping towards the checkered flag trusting our Jockey to steer us away from collision. 

But in most cases you are both the horse and the jockey. Making it to the finish line qualifies as urgent & important, but so does thinking about how we elevate the customer, our practice and our culture. There has to be a dual goal AKA The How.

Brands are moving towards “purpose-oriented” commerce. If we’re to have our cultures put meaning into this change of orientation we need to strip off those racing blinders. Here in global sourcing we’re far away from our markets either serving retail in the US or Europe, geographical distancing despite the current levels of connectivity means that empathy can be challenging to latch onto. It’s time to revisit on an individual level our customer impact and to reinvest in the visibility on the effect we have on consumers.

Several sourcing leaders that I’ve been fortunate to connect with glow with pride when they’ve been able to put this theory to practice. The glow doesn’t come from the saying ‘I did that’, but from seeing how teams here in the engine room of the world respond when they see their impacts come to life in almost real-time.

The numbers will always count… literally, but no one ever MC’d an annual dinner starting with a spreadsheet.

The track for many of us isn’t straight cut and global sourcing leaders have been zigging and zagging, sidestepping and hopping. Twister combined with ariel yoga. Purpose-oriented brands are only as powerful as the feeling of purpose they induce across their supply chains.

Over here in the Spire Executive world we’ve shifted this sales /targets pipeline thinking into an “If we accomplish what change can we help our client & the talent make“.

Words on a page matter and in taking this step this we shift orientation away from the dollars made and the targets hit. Into how we lift those that we work with. Because if you see $500,000 before the potential impact then you put on subconscious blinders.

So, what’s really important? The cheque cashed or the story about the impact that you’ve made. One’s more lasting and travels more than the other.

Here’s what that looks like for me.

Keep it radical

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