Novelty’s lick to change’s backside


Change from within is possible, but almost always is a steeper summit to climb. 

Everyone is a change agent when they’re attached to novelty, hence the decision of corporates to hire for transformation. 

Looking outside of your four walls means that you’re able to bring someone inside without preexisting labels and definitions attached. There’s still a questioning of the individual’s capability, a suspicion, but the main benefit is the attention and an unknowingness. The audience is listening and motivated, but perhaps not with the right type of fire.

Because “opted into” change is far more powerful than the other scenario. Transformation runs on empathy, a respect beyond the title and authority. It may be slower, more painful and diversive, but it’ll bring sustainability. A lastingness. Change is always diversive, you might as well have people sign up vs sign out.

Because you can replace people, but you can’t replace the legacy lingering. Not in a short time frame.

So bring in the novel or create novelty from within.

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