Rush Management!

A quick one on Wind vs Exertion.



When you gulped your nerves and pitched an assertion to a room full of judging eyes


When you’ve taken a naysayer on a journey, changing their perceptions. Lifting them during the course


When you’ve put yourself on the line… Where the stakes were high, but the reward was worth the leap.


When you’ve been forced into choosing your values over an outcome and the values won out. Or they didn’t, but you still won for yourself.

The wind behind the sails for every single one of us is that rush we get when we’ve decided to step into uncertainty, leaving comforts behind. Rush comes from a place of both insecurity and self-belief. 

This rush is an empowered feeling. It creates the hop your step or swag in your stride, the smile on your face and the warmth in your soul. An invincibility mindset, obstacles become smaller and challenges become opportunities. It is the mindset that rides through crises and change.

Rush is a resource… It blows ships across oceans and traverses mountaineers up the cliff face. Teams through change & transformation by choice. 

Pressure makes diamonds, but it also crumbles stone… The leader’s role is empowerment and empowerment is delivered with the sensation of rush.

Our ship’s have now left the harbour and the journey’s always enduring when sailing into the horizon. The captain that you are, needs to be finding the rush sensation in your people in order to increase the number of knots behind the sails.

Because empowered working lasts longer, fights harder and innovates further. Right now oars are in the water and we’re paddling our way through this, but wind is the judo of nature and rowing is resistance. The calluses are positive and the work is rewarding, but draining. We need to restore what’s still in the tank.

If you can for your team’s sake, hack the hop in the step, the swag in the stride. You may be hopping and striding in cadence along with…

Put the oars away, let the wind blow.

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