Tank for Trevor…

Tank for Trevor…

On week 13 of the 20/21 NFL regular season the New York Jets, the then holder of the worst record in the NFL (0-13) was one play away from winning their first game of the season against the Raiders. Just seconds away from their first victory of the year Gang Green fans were all over social media with tweets for the Jets to continue their winless streak. Tank for Trevor (Lawrence).

Tank for Trevor… Tank for Tua… Tank for Burrow… Suck for Luck…

Every season the fans behind teams at the bottom rungs of the nfl ladder look to a mirage of a better future in the form of unproven talent. The NFL draft, The grand prize for the best loser. The hopes of an NFL franchise rest on the shoulders of a young, still maturing, high ceiling individual.

In 2021 we will be looking at the future potential of talent as much as we do their past if not more, taking on individuals for their possible merits that meet our own visions on the future. This mindset shift towards hiring “what could be” will set in motion a ripple effect in mentality unlocking the future definitions as well as destinations for the companies that we work for.

But just like an NFL organisation, corporations consist of teams and cultures. Opening the treasure chest of a high potential requires entities to have the cultural key to do so. 

One has to wonder about the reactions of a (current) winner like Trevor Lawrence being earmarked to turn around a team with a fan culture cheering for the loss. High potential is fragile and it’s only beautiful if it’s realised, NFL teams and companies are responsible for the environment that sees someone reaching their ceiling.

Cultures have been eroded in 2020, as we stare down the next 12 months with optimism and anxiety we need to health check the intangible features of our entities. Go ahead, meet the high potential and hire the high potential, but make sure to guide the high potential. 


Protect confidence, reward ideas and build the futureA winner needs to be surrounded by a cast of winners.


P.S. The Jets went on to win two games in the season, both against teams that qualified for the NFL playoffs.

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