The power of inclusive change

There’s a next level of joy when grinding your own beans for the daily ritual of the morning brew, an elation exists in the being part of the “making the of”, a sense of value imparted becomes more than;

More than can be achieved by paying for an overpriced coffee from Starbucks, more than by pouring boiling water over powder.

You feel ownership in that cuppa right there in front of you. It feels exclusive, it feels like your own talent and most importantly you feel important. Input recognised.

But, all you really did was buy the beans, press the button and boil the water. Presto.

And so, in a time of survival imposed change we can either own and control the process or empower the labour. Hog the spotlight or share the journey. To send people ducking for cover or have them excited. To isolate or include.

A key to acceptance is inclusion. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give a toddler your wallet in Toys R Us and say “Go Wild”. All you need to do is give one small role to play without diluting that task’s importance and suddenly transformation goes from being solo to being shared. 

People seek recognition & recognition is asking for their input. Showing your people that you hear them. In doing so you give trust, you motivate and you create a culture of change inclusiveness. 

Sometimes all you need to do is let em’ press that button and grind away.


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