Unlocking a Community Powered Mental Health Workforce

Unlocking A Community Mental Health Workforce


Without them life lacks flavour and the interactions that we share miss out on spice. Belief, ambition, hope and inspiration lose tangibility.

One unheralded issue that we’re yet to hear about resulting from 2020’s cartwheel kick is our net loss in positive stories. When we walk out of this we’re going to up to our ears in tales of resilience, unity, division, hardship, significantly outweighing the proportion positive stories.

As cliché as it sounds, happy stories put the world in a better position to move toward a better future. The loss in laughs from Covid leaves an emotional void that’s seeping into all of us. The negative toll taken on mental health already is immeasurable, but it’s not too late to make an impact.

The Power of 5 a Week

Humanity can collectively mobilise a massive scale community-driven mental health workforce with every individual generating 5 Interactions a week with those in need. We all have at least one person close to us that has seen the bad side of the pandemic, those who’re fortunate enough to remain in employment have the power to offer priceless support. An ear is all it takes.

This isn’t a pure Karma play, Its an Economic Health Action

We will need to bring back people to the workforce when we do lift from this dip and strong mental health is absolutely essential to one’s ability to contribute productively. Collective responsibility needs to be taken in order to protect the mental assets of those around us. The iceberg of hidden costs from those who suffer mentally in this period extends all the way to the seafloor and this passage of water is deep

The global supply chain career is a demanding one. You’ve all been conditioned to long hours, complex stakeholder relationships and consistent crises. Busy minds to say the least. When this environment is taken from you and not on your own terms you don’t get blissful silence, you’re left with a lonely void. The Brain is a muscle and it needs exercise. Those in need around you require a mental workout, they’re calling for interactions that appreciate their worth. 

If we all make this amount of outreach routine we’ll be able to melt away at the iceberg. Filling in that story void with tales of neighbourliness and support. I can’t think of a better story to tell about this period in the future. 

5 A week – That’s 260 A year. If everyone in my LinkedIn network alone achieved the 5 a week target that’s 1.8 Million interactions.

Increased interactability is a net positive for everyone involved

The upside about interactability is the massive output generated from ideation. 

There’s actual science about the value you receive from giving / sharing advice. We tend to enact the messages that we preach.

With all of this we need to be proactive and reach out to those that we know are in a tricky spot. Helping isn’t getting someone a job nor an interview. It’s being there.

Let’s get the hotline going & build this decentralised counselling workforce. Protective of the future.

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