Unlocking new assets from sustained discomfort

Unlocking new assets from sustained discomfort

Discomfort, not the type when Hong Kong’s weather takes a sudden turn leaving the shirt sticking to the skin. Nor the type of uncomfort when you’ve taken a different direction with your hairdo.

There’s a vastly different strain of discomfort when it’s a sustained feeling lasting more than a fleeting moment or one week of weather acclimatisation ( i hope…). Uncomfort sustained over many months and even years takes its toll, but it also forces pivots, questioning and growth.

We all own an uncomfort map, one that charts out the correlation between growth and discomfort as well as a third element. Outcomes, with a longer trajectory. 

Mapping out the person you were with the person that you’ve become through 20/21 is a task that is revealing towards the new Assets that you have and that you bring to the table. 

A task that is worth your time because; 

There’ll always be people who challenge, why you? How capable are you? Are you tough enough?

The generous naysayers need to know the new you that you’ve become. Because a reference from 13 years ago and even now 2 years ago is outdated, irrelevant and costly. To you and the person or organisation taking the notes.

Everyone’s peaks and valleys are different, covid is a big peak (or valley) and to really get the most from reflection you have to get specific. Because Broad Feedback isn’t feedback.

Growth dips below the coastline when you’re coasting because at the rate of change we’re facing right now if you’re not growing or uncomfortable you risk falling behind.

Keep it radical.


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